Dante the Don

March 2014 Premier Mixes

Four brand new mixes from the month of March: BarstoolU Best Hour Of Your Party Volume 53 & 54 The Underground Podcast: 15 The Chick Mix Vol. 5 Download all these mixes for FREE, enjoy, and spread the word. BarstoolBeats.com twitter.com/DanteTheDon facebook.com/DanteTheDon

New Years Eve 2014 Mix

New Years Eve 2014 Mix featuring the best edits and tracks from the past year. Whether you’re staying in or going out, blast this mix for everyone to hear and let this be the start to an amazing night. Premiered on BarstoolBeats.com Featuring: Zedd, Avicii, Lil Jon, Miley Cyrus, John Newman, Macklemore, DJ Snake, Danny […]

The Barstool Blackout Mixtape Part 5

The wait is over, the 5th installment of the Barstool Mixtape Series is here and it is better than ever. This mix features all the likes of the biggest names in EDM today as well as those of rock and hip hop. Be careful, this genre-mashing mix with leave you wanting to jump out of your […]

The Underground Podcast : 9

The 9th installment of The Underground Podcast series is here. Subscribe to The Official Underground Podcast here. Be sure to follow me on Soundcloud and Twitter to stay up to date with new music.

The Underground Chicago 2013 Grand Opening Mix

If you live in or have ever visited Chicago you know about The Underground. Even if you haven’t been you’ve probably heard it mentioned before in People or US Weekly, on Entertainment Tonight, or even on Sportscenter (its the truth). It is arguably the most famous night club in Chicago history. It closed down in […]

New Music. Chick Mix Part 2

Never would have thought the response to the first “Chick Mix” I made would have been so big so decided to do a second one. Listen and download below

Dante & Up yours. – Bang this, I dare you Part 9

We’re back! A fresh new (real) house mix from Up yours. & myself. I love doing these and having them to drive, workout, and pre game to. Dante & Up yours. – Bang this, I dare you Part 9 by Dante The Don

New Mix – Dante Presents The 2012 Chick Mix

Here is a new mix I made with all the female fans in mind. Posted it late last night and it blew up today. Dante – Chick Mix (2012) by Dante The Don

Whitney Houston Tribute Mix

I had an off night in Philly last night so I went to a local college bar with the Barstool Blackout team to let loose for a little while. After getting back to my hotel room a few beers deep I browsed through twitter and kept seeing Whitney Houston youtube videos popping up in my […]

New Mix- Bang This, I Dare You Part 4

New house mix from my boy and I. (Download by clicking the little down arrow) Dante and Up yours – Bang This, I Dare You Part 4 by Dante The Don