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REVIEW: Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

So alot of newcomers to the edm wave that hit a few years back are sure to hate on this album, and with just cause. The only problem is this is far from a typical edm album. For true Daft Punk fans this album is the 13 track musical journey we have all been waiting […]

Barstool Blackout Mixtape Part 4!

The next installment of the Barstool Blackout Mixtape series is here! Part 4 provides you with a chilling, patriotic intro and your favorite electro house music brought to you by yours truly. I spent most of the 2nd semester trying to figure out how to equal or top the intro we used for the Blackout […]

NEW RAP MIX – Maserati Music Vol. 4

So this whole driving series thing basically started off as me making mixes for a bunch of the Bulls players to listen to in their cars or on plane trips. I slacked on them for the past 6 months but I am back with Vol. 4 today. I basically took the playlist from Gronk’s iPod […]


My official Podcast is now up and running on iTunes!! Find it by clicking the link below or by searching “DanteChicago” on iTunes. Be sure to subscribe to hear my mixes and exclusive tracks all in one place! DanteChicago Podcast  

Remix Report Interview

This is my second interview I have done with the guys from Remix Report, Dj JD and Dj Jay Spring. We talk about A LOT of things including spinning the best gig in the country – the Barstool Blackout Tour.

Barstool U 2012 Year End Wrap Up Mix

The Barstool U 2012 Year End Wrap Up Mix, the best from 2012 wrapped up in one mix. Download and enjoy!

BarstoolU Trappy New Year Mix

Here is a 75 minute long trap mix I made for BarstoolU! Listen, download, and share with your friends. Happy new year! soundcloud.com/DanteTheDon soundcloud.com/BarstoolU

New Years Eve 2013 Quick Mix

Check out my New Years Eve 2013 Quick Mix! What better way is there to ring in the new year than with a mix of your favorite hits brought to you by yours truly. Enjoy! www.soundcloud.com/DanteTheDon

New Music. Chick Mix Part 2

Never would have thought the response to the first “Chick Mix” I made would have been so big so decided to do a second one. Listen and download below


Usually the only email I get is from companies trying to get me to buy shit I don’t need, people asking me for stuff, yelling at me for something, reminding me about stuff I don’t need reminding about, etc. Well today I got this nice little message in my inbox from a new GM in […]