Dante the Don

The Underground Chicago 2013 Grand Opening Mix

If you live in or have ever visited Chicago you know about The Underground. Even if you haven’t been you’ve probably heard it mentioned before in People or US Weekly, on Entertainment Tonight, or even on Sportscenter (its the truth). It is arguably the most famous night club in Chicago history.

It closed down in February 2013 to revamp and remodel after what seemed ages of being opened and packed with the who’s who of Chicago and celebrities on the regular every single night Thurs-Sun.

Well the remodel is done and I got to take a look at it earlier this week. I can’t put into words how blown away I was. Perfect is all I can come up with. Perfect sound, lighting, seating, traffic flow, bar placement, you name it. And the LED screen is going to knock people on their ass when they first lay eyes on it.

I was honored when The Underground asked me to return as their Friday night resident DJ upon reopening and even more honored when one of its owners Arturo asked me to create a mix for the grand opening.

If you are a fan of my “Barstool Blackout” mixes you will be a fan of this. It has a little bit of everything (hip hop, indie, house, rock) all mixed in over an uptempo EDM-ish tempo.

If you are a fan of this do yourself a favor and subscribe to the Official Underground iTunes Podcast HERE. We will be pumping out weekly mixes from all the resident DJ’s at the club and all the guest’s they have in to play. This is going to be big time brand new music delivered straight to you on a weekly basis. FREE.

And if you could, please help out and post this mix, share this mix, and play this mix til the wheels fall off.